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Welcome to Mydogguide.com. This website has one goal. To guide you to finding the right dog breed for you. We have sorted out dogs in the following categories: Small dogs, Large dogs, Watchdogs, Guard dogs, Low activity dogs, High activity dogs and dogs with Little Shedding. Dogs can fit in more than one category.
If you are looking for a specific dog we recommend using the search engine at the top of the page. The engine will automatically suggest dogs once you start typing.

How to Choose a Dog

The should never pick a dog breed purely based on the way it looks. This is a big problem for many. The choose a dog that is not right for them. A dog that behaves nothing like what you expected. That is way we recommend you start by reading this small helpful guide on the main points you need to consider when choosing the right dog.

The size of the dog

Are you looking to buy a small or large dog. Do you have room and environment for a large dog. Smaller dogs are en general easier to take care of. They are easy to transport and this offers more flexibility, but many are hot tempered and have a higher tendency to bark. The large dogs are better watchdogs and protectors of the family.

Trainability of the dog

Every dog breed can be trained to learn commands. Some dogs are very easy to train and learn faster than others. If you are inexperienced in having a dog you should consider if you have what it takes to train a dog that is not a fast learner. A slow learning breed will require lots of time and patience to train.
If you want to own an obedient but have little time and patience to train, you need to consider buying a fast learning dog that has a trainability rating with 7 or higher on our scale.


Are you ready to clean up dog hair every day? Some dogs are heavy shedders. If you are not up to the task of cleaning dog hair daily you need to select a dog that has a shedding rating of 3 or less.
The low shedders shed very little and you will struggle to find a single hair in your home.
If you have no problem with a little hair in your home and on your clothes you can choose a dog with a shedding rating up to 7 on our scale. If you pick a dog with a rating of 8 or higher you will find dog hair everywhere. In every inch of you home you will hair.